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Models / Christen Courtney
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Christen Courtney Vital Stats:
Height:  5Ft 7inch / 167cm
Date Of Birth:  27 January
Measurements:  34C-25-38
Astrological Sign:  Aquarius
Hair Colour:  Blonde
Eye Colour:  Brown
Dress Size:  10
Shoe Size:  7
Nationality:  Hungarian
Photo Sets:  8
Movies:  6

A super sexy blonde Hungarian model. Christen Courtney was the first Hungarian girl that college-unifrom.com worked with. A get used to that as Hungary host one of the biggest collection of model in Europe and so many of them and very natural and sexy.

Christen is a porn model or if you prefer an Adult Performer. She has one very awesome toned body because she has a second career in athletics. Remember that girl at school that everyone fancied but no one had the courage to ask out, well that was Christen.

Christen is tall, a prefect 10!

Christen Courtney, maybe a little shy when it comes to social encounters, however one on pone is a different story and sexual encounters she stays on target and knows what she wants, she likes cock! Regardless of her height, she made dressing up in schoolgirl uniform very exciting and I guess having never worn such thing in the past it made it more convincing, and well all the girls look great fucking in uniform, Christen really did look good.

She loved fucking in uniform and being a little dominate.

Christen at the height of 5ft 7inchs (about 170cm) in perfect physical form, her legs wear long and no body fat anywhere, tanned, and beautiful all natural and no tattoos that I can remember. She looks great in stockings with high heels, and she looks great in uniform, it understandable we many people enjoy her photos and videos.
Christen Courtney Updates

Memory Lane
Christen Courtney
We just wanted a little reminder about the gorgeous Christen Courtney, whom was one of the very first model that shot hardcore boy / girl content here on college-uniform and what has now become the "After Hours". We should have got more still images of her in uniform looking great, so today we have made a extra gallery in her honor from screen grabs, up-scaled and with so colour correction for us to all appreciate that we should sometime take the option we are present at the time, before it is to late!

Hot Schoolgirl Blow Job
Christen Courtney
Sweet Christen Courtney gives a great blow job in her schoolgirl uniform as she see that our guy is very excited to be working with her, and she would like to relax him. but is you see her in this schoolgirl uniform in person, you would erupted in your pants. Christen is most certainly hot as hell in this uniform, I am excited, when is my turn with Christen?


Green and Black Uniform
Christen Courtney

We have the same uniform here for Christen when she was dressed up as a Schoolgirl Hooker, but here we just simply have a schoolgirl strip tease, to where you can see Christen and her awesome body without the 'action' as many members suggested the didn’t want boy / girls photo sets.


Casting Day Video
Christen Courtney
Here is the full video of Christen Courtney in our favourite schoolgirl uniform. Watch her in her uniform, socks, and Louboutin high heels as she gets fucked. Christen makes one incredibly hot and sexy schoolgirl with her long legs and perfect body.


Casting Day
Christen Courtney

Christen Courtney now puts on one of our trademark schoolgirls uniforms for her very own schoolgirl casting. Christen looks hot, this school uniform is hot, and this is going to be one very hots schoolgirl photo sets with such a great model and we where happy to see the results.


Cock Hungry Video
Christen Courtney
Here are photos from our little rendezvous with Christen Courtney, schoolgirl by day, Hooker by night. Now if Christen turned up on your doorstep looking like this, what would you do? Well I think we thought and therefore did it, and you can see what happened here.


Cock Hungry
Christen Courtney

Have you ever hired one of those Schoolgirl Hookers? Well we did and we got Christern Courtney turning up at our door ready for action dress still in her uniform and so we did the only thing we could, fuck her in her uniform and film it, off course!


Plumber Tails
Christen Courtney

Here is the video of how our plumber is found be tall blonde Hungarian girl Christen Courtney and fucks him in her schoolgirl uniform, she spread her long legs over his bound and take his cock inside her as she fucks and break her sexual boredom.


Plumber Photo Set
Christen Courtney

Tied and bound and stuck in an all-girl's school, a handy man finds himself the sexual plaything of the student population. Each girl at the boarding school visits only to take out their sexual frustration on the man as they treat him a some sort of sex toy.