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Models / Kayla Louise
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Kayla Louise Vital Stats:
Height:  5ft 4inch / 158cm
Date Of Birth:  03 December
Measurements:  32C-27-36
Astrological Sign:  Sagittarius
Hair Colour:  Black
Eye Colour:  Brown
Dress Size:  10
Shoe Size:  5
Nationality:  British

We wanted Kayla Louise to shoot for college-uniform.com for a long time. Kayla has worked with several magazines in the UK, such as Mayfair and MenOnly and has no doubt worked with just about every website. For a very long time Kayla was the only glamour model of colour in the UK, and that lead to some demand on her time.

We have always liked Kayla Louise here at college-uniform.com, yes long legs but also an amazing face, she really is beautiful with her eyes being her best feature.

What was she like in uniform? Seriously good fun, we giggled a lot, she was more than happy to ley us shoot up her skirt, happy to shoot a jerk of video of her in schoolgirl uniform and when it came to fucking her pussy with a dildo and sucking a little cock, well this schoolgirl was happy to get down in her uniform.

Some with several different school and college uniform, Kayla also slipped on a military uniform or two to be shot and videoed, and you get to see them all here at college-uniform.com

"Girl Of the Month" October 2016
Kayla Louise Updates

Smoking in Uniform
Kayla Louise
Time for a smoke break with one smoking hot schoolgirl and beautiful Kayla Louise dressed smartly in her schoolgirl uniform invite you join her, because she know you have more on you mind that just a quick cigarette.


Bath Time
Kayla Louise
Take a dip and a splash in Kayla's bath and also view under the water and discover if Kayla is wearing any pantys.. or not! Kayls has fun in the bath dress in her schoolgirl uniform.


One of the Best
Kayla Louise
Here is Kayla Louise returning in one of the best uniforms we have on college-uniform.com with long over knee white socks, and high heels, it adds up to the perfect combo.


College Blow Job
Kayla Louise
Kayla Louise shows you just how she got into college, by boosting her grades and her great way for sucking cock in her college girl outfit.


Cum on you Blues!
Kayla Louise
Kayla Louise get more than a surprise, as a cheerleader she find out first hand, the power and magic of our doxy massage wand, and cums to it power, very quickly


Looking Great
Kayla Louise

Here is a uniform we have not seen in a long time, and who better to show it off than Kayla Louise one of our favourite schoolgirls in uniform.


Blow Job in Maroon Uniform
Kayla Louise
Gorgeous Kayla Louise get down! On her knees (that is) and gives you a blow job in her schoolgirl uniform, lucky you!


Get Ready for 2021
Kayla Louise
Here comes 2021, so it time for Kayla to getr ready for it in her posh schoolgirl uniform in the up tease


The Love Button
Kayla Louise

A video update where the lovely Kayla Louise is dressed in a sexy schoolgirl uniform with high heels and stockings and work out how to use a Doxy Massager on her love button!


Leotard Blow Job
Kayla Louise
The sexy schoolgirl Kayla Louise teases you with her uniform and her leotard hidden underneath it as she sucks you cock and empties your balls of all their cum.


Dry Humping in Plaid
Kayla Louise
Kayla is in of off those moods, you know when you are horny and they is nothing or no one around to satisfy your needs. Kayla in her schoolgirl uniform takes out her frustration on the furniture so be sure to check in on her and see her in action.


Wank Workshop
Kayla Louise

Have you got what it takes to become a great wanker? Join Kayla Louise Wank Workshop and let this schoolgirl class you in becoming a master, her Jerk Of Instructions will have you jerking off like a pro in no time at all.


How to Give a Blow Job
Kayla Louise

The very hot Kayla Louise, give you a few tips and tell and shows you her special technique on sucking cock, all done in her schoolgirl uniform.


Green and Red Dildo Fuck
Kayla Louise

Kayla Louise looks as hot as hell in this schoolgirl uniform, with her green opaque stocks and high Louboutin her, I think the uniform has had a big effect on her and she looks a little horn, as she reaches her dildo to satisfy herself.


Jerk Off in Grey
Kayla Louise
Sadly we lost the 1st Angle on this video during a drive crash, so this video is something of a JOI / BTS


Red and Green Uniform
Kayla Louise

It’s a special uniform with a magic red blouse, the only one we have in our wardrobe department and Kayla Louise is a special model, check out today’s schoolgirl uniform update from here, come inside!


Maroon and Yellow
Kayla Louise

She is having a lazy day in our studio in this maroon uniform, which has a yellow blouse and a grey skirt, Kayla Louis is also wearing classic 1990 school shoes and grey opaque pantyhose.


In Grey
Kayla Louise

No prizes for guessing the colour of Kayla Louise pantys today, however she looks great in the photos / slit BTS set of images of her making a video, which I am sure will make it way to the site in due time.


Blue Cheerleader
Kayla Louise

I am not sure about trying out for the squad but making out with Kayla Louise in her Cheer-leading it I am more than happy to do.


In Purple Uniform
Kayla Louise

I think Kayla has helped us finally nail the look with this uniform. for a while we have been using black stockings and Louboutins with this purple schoolgirl uniform, but today Kayla reminded us that we had some fishnet stockings in or draw and what do you know, they go great with our purple paid look and style.


Red and Navy Uniform
Kayla Louise

We have shot Kayla is some great set with different uniform, we return to a more winter theme with todays uniform, a crimson jersey and navy short skirt with panty hose and ballerina shoes, plenty more uniforms still yet to come her at college-uniform.com


Green Uniform
Kayla Louise

Take more than a little bit of Kayla Louise leg today, in another one of her great schoolgirl uniforms. A bottle green schoolgirl uniform, with heeled Mary Janes and Green Opaque pantyhose.


Black uniform and Vibrator
Kayla Louise

Do you like playing past-the-parcel? Well, Kayla is here with her version, under black schoolgirl uniform today she has a surprise, and if you like girls in leotards, you better stock up on some tissue.


Posh Maroon Uniform
Kayla Louise

Rocking with a classic 1990’s schoolgirl looks Kayla slips on some opaque pantyhose and chuck old school shoe to pose in this posh schoolgirl uniform with a maroon woollen blazer.


Green and Plaid
Kayla Louise

She is back in Plimsolls once again, for today schoolgirl update here at college-uniform.com. Every update we post of Kayla Louise is like a little celebration we always think she looks great in uniform, but as we use up her video and picture set, we get closer to working with her again (we hope).


Blue Summer Dress
Kayla Louise

Summer is here, and Kayla Louise has broken out a summer dress, but keeping in mind how quickly British weather can change, she is going safe with blue opaque pantyhose and a jersey with some old-style Cuban heels.


Simple Navy Blue Uniform
Kayla Louise

Kayla returns in an update today, a classic colour of a UK schoolgirl uniform, but when the right girl wear in, like the stunning Kayla Louise, it can look perfect. Kayla is also wearing black pantyhose and Mary Janes.


In Brown Uniform
Kayla Louise

People do not believe us when we tell them that some of our most popular shoot and shot in brown schoolgirl uniform. Today’s update, sees the turn of Kayla in such uniform with white over knee socks and her favourite Mary Jane patient heels


Cute in Summer Plaid
Kayla Louise

We are in one of our summer dresses today for Kayla update, we like these, and they are light and sexy, and Kayla has also been converted to a Plimsoll lover, as this is the second time wee see her out in them, here at college-uniform.com


Blue and Plaid
Kayla Louise

This is a great uniform, it is tight and hugs all the curves of our models, and Kayla Louise looks great in it with her black over knee socks complementing the blue of the uniform. Also, those cute Mary Jane heels will be a winner with some of our members.


Maroon and Black
Kayla Louise

Kayla Louise to wearing a maroon blazer, with a pink blouse, and awesome and short mini skirt, black ankle sock and plimsolls, yes plimsolls we know a few of you guys out their have a thing for these, Kayla does not judge you freaks at all.


Black and Yellow
Kayla Louise

This Yellow and Black uniform has left a great impression on our members here at college-uniform.com is become one of our top uniforms. We have almost 100 school uniforms, about 20 airline uniforms, 15 military and 2 police uniforms (so far) and we will get Kayla to shoot in as many as we can for you.


Classic Schoolgirl
Kayla Louise

We have already seen Kayla rock the world in the Hot Schoolgirl uniform and now it is the turn of the classic schoolgirl uniform. Today’s update comes with a nice side order of heels and stockings.


Royal Blue and Grey
Kayla Louise

Ready for another hot set of images from Kayla Louise in schoolgirl uniform, so far, she has not failed to please and today’s update is another winning set of images that will help you make it through the day and if need be, until her next update.


Blue and Yellow Plaid
Kayla Louise

Here at college-uniform.com we aim to bring you great model like Kayla Louise here and a variety of uniforms, different types, and style. Since running the site, we have found all different colours and style, such as this uniform with it’s yellow and blue plaid skirt.


Striped Blazer
Kayla Louise

A great uniform with a certain style, that blue schoolgirl uniform has a blazer that would hunt most girls’ nightmares, however when you get to a certain age you can see the appeal in such style and Kayla Louise was more then happy to pose in it for today’s update.


USAF Uniform
Kayla Louise

Kayla Louise looks absolutely stunning in our USAF uniform, most of our lady wear this uniform well, it is smart, looks the part and is a better blue than the RAF uniform, however this uniform suit Kayla very well, for more military uniform, join up and look inside our members area.


Hot Schoolgirl Uniform
Kayla Louise

We introduce the latest model to the way we do things here at college-uniform.com Welcome Kayla Louise to the site, and first out of the bag… yes you have guessed it, we have our Hot Schoolgirl uniform waiting for her.


CU Member
A beautiful model, Queen of the leg-spreaders and generous with her charms. She's right to be proud of what she has between those thighs, which definitely looks good enough to eat.