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Models / Sophia Smith
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Sophia Smith Vital Stats:
Height:  5ft 7inch / 170cm
Date Of Birth:  14 December
Measurements:  30C-26-30
Astrological Sign:  Sagittarius
Hair Colour:  Brunette
Eye Colour:  Brown
Dress Size:  8
Shoe Size:  6
Nationality:  British

Sophia Smith, where do I start. We once summed her up at the “ultimate girl who lives next door” it essence they is something quite normal about Sophia, she is attainable, she is attractive but not mind blowing stunning, she has a great figure, she is not perfect, but still there is something about her and hence she is the prefect girl next door, the girl you watch, the girl you are obsessed over, but you ask yourself why, that girl you have fantasies about.

Maybe that was her appeal in general, she is a big favourite on college-uniform.com with over 250 updates, she was a regular face on the site and Sophia was modelling before she could do topless glamour modelling as the college-uniform.com was breaking ground. So, we have seen her whole career.

Sophia has worked for many sites, photographer and even a few magazines here and there. Know in the UK and always looked great in a pair of stockings with high heels.

So, Sophia loved uniforms and dressing up in them, she always made a effort to look smart, whenever she had to put one on, I am not sure if she had a favourite, but with her figure she would somehow always rock in them.

Any excuse we could find to get Sophia into stockings, you bet we took it, the St. Trinana’s looks was her things for sure. Sophia also had great brown eyes and very nice natural lips, and although I guess her stills in the bedroom would have been legendary, we had to settle for bananas and candy sucking teases, that just adds to the fantasy factor.

But man, could she work those legs and she was very articulated with them, she gave us some great shots.

So, if you happen to be a fan of her, or off course schoolgirl, airline or military uniform, then Sophia Smith has a massive portfolio here on college-uniform.com which should keep you happily entertained.

"Featured Site Model" 2015
"Featured Site Model" 2016
"Featured Site Model" 2017
"Girl Of the Month" December 2017"
Sophia Smith Updates

The Last Call
Sophia Smith
Indeed, this is the very last time we will see Sophia Smith in our update here on college-uniform.com it has been a long trip with her, almost from our first first year of shooting for the site until now, she has been with us, she has looked great and at time truly amazing in her uniform and given us...


Schoolgirl Hottie!
Sophia Smith
What a great way to start 2023, with one of our all time best model in one of our all time best uniform. Sophia Smith certainly had it all going for her and always looking great in uniform with her smart turn out, you really would like to part her legs and give her a fuck on a cold January morning, fill...


The Best
Sophia Smith
Here is Sophia Smith in one of the last photo set we have of her, look her very best in this up-tease (dressing) photo sets with those amazing legs in socks and high heels.


Navy Socks
Sophia Smith
She always looked good in schoolgirl and always made an effort to look smart, Sophia Smith poses in her schoolgirl uniform and a very short skirt and teases with her perfect legs, we do miss those legs! remind yourself today, why you would like to fuck her in schoolgirl uniform.


Wet Heels
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith slips back in to the bath tub in one of her many secretary outfits, submerging high self in the waters, getting wet, spreading her legs and inviting you in.


Tie Tease
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith slip on her tie and does it up nicely, tease all you guys out there that have a shirt and tie fetish.


Blue Plaid College Girl
Sophia Smith

Hot college girl and super babe Sophia Smith gets down to her bra and pantys and invites you to get down with her!


Morning Light
Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith was one of my favorite model back in the day, she has such a great figure, mostly her legs with what use to capture my attention, she always looked great in stockings and her is one of the last photo set we ever shot of her in schoolgirl uniform, still looking good in uniform


Time Wharp
Sophia Smith
Turning back the clock again to one of our very first shoots with Sophia Smith, we found this vintage set of images on our hard drive, and after 18 years of shooting and running the site we can look back on how so many things have changed. Shot in 2005 and recently remastered (March 2024)

It Sucks so Well!
Sophia Smith

It happens once every 4 years, yes a model does her house work, here we time wrap you back to when Sophia Smith was younger and we where going to do a website called Chav Chicks, Sophia was remarkable convincing.

My Brown Pants
Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith gets her pulling pantys out for you today, but the oly pulling going on, will be the pulling you do, over her in her schoolgirl uniform.


Winter Warmer
Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith gives you a little winter warmer on this cold January morning, she will raise you temperature and more in this schoolgirl uniform, with her long sock and high heels


Summer Dress and Cardigans
Sophia Smith
It is summer, somewhere in the world and Sophia is here to remind you what summer was all about and we enter the final month of 2021, summer dress, cardigan, socks and flat shoes, Sophia looks good in anything, and also out.


Bedroom Chav
Sophia Smith
We are going to take you right back now, with Sophia Smith. One of our first first shoots with her and an image set that we never got to use. Sophia role plays a hot chav sitting on her bed and looking moody.

A Stripey One
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith, showing us she still has it and looks great in uniform, moving her legs into various portions for you to admire.


Personal Bath Assistant
Sophia Smith
Take a Slash with Sophia Smith who always seem to get wet when she is wearing her secretary attire, mainly due to odd habit she has of climbing full clothed into the bath.


A-lined Skirt
Sophia Smith
Time to take a bath with our our Secretary Sophia Smith, still fully dress and ready to get her pantys wet.


Dressing Smart for Class
Sophia Smith
Another up tease, wear girl get dress into their uniform and make themselves smart and tidy for their day at school.


Seen and not Heared
Sophia Smith
Get the final word! time to place college girl Sophia Smith in her place and get her to pipe down... oh please.


Gets Dressed
Sophia Smith
Watch Sophia Smith get ready for her day at school, dressing into her schoolgirl uniform and making sure she is smart and presentable for the day ahead.


Short Skirt, Tights and Heels
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith, the man-eating Siren will bait you into her trap with her long legs and high heels while wearing her schoolgirl uniform


Up Tease in Purple Plaid
Sophia Smith
Time for an up-tease from Sophia Smith, watch her get dressed in the Purple Uniform with Stockings and Heels getting ready for a day at school.


Leg Work
Sophia Smith
A repost, or maybe look at it as an extra added bonus if you like, with have done some colour correction on this video and pumped it up to 1080p and 4K as a experiment just to see how result look on line. Now we have corre3cted the issues with the site, we are once again able to post 4K UHD video on...


Sophia Smith
Here is queen Chav Sophia Smith, shot some time ago, here you can see Sophia Smith in a classic style college-uniform which has a plaid style that is common with Chav's, Chavs are normally hot, Sophia looks the part!

Smart Green School Uniform
Sophia Smith
Sophia Smith like smarts and sexy, with her slender legs in stockings, she looks so fuckable in this schoolgirl uniform.


New Lolly Pop
Sophia Smith

A long time ago, when we first shot with Should Smith, we shot a lolly pop video, which became one of the most viewed videos on the college-uniform.com website. Sophia has great lips for sucking and here is more up to date video of her teasing with a lolly pop.


Dressing in Maroon
Sophia Smith

Get smart with Smithy, she is dresses for her classes and you are invited to sit at the front of the class and watch her get dressed into her schoolgirl uniform and socks.


Hot Schoolgirl in Socks and Heels
Sophia Smith

With our weekly updates from Sophia Smith, by now you all know she looks hot in one of our favorite school uniform, this week she return again to remind you and she looks very hot indeed and it is why she in currently a weekly feature here on the site.


The Inspection
Sophia Smith

Stand erect and square to the front and Sophia Smith takes you firmly in her hand and gives you a good dressing down in her Army roleplay, where she treats you like you are a maggot.


Grey Simple Uniform
Sophia Smith


Hot Classic Schoolgirl Uniform
Sophia Smith
Hotter than hot, as Sophia slips into our classic schoolgirl look, and we all know how good she looks in high heels and stockings so this week we have an extra treat of that alone. our class schoolgirl uniform looks great on Sophia Smith and she always make the effort to wear her uniforms so smartly....


Blue Stockings
Sophia Smith

Feeling blue? well Sophia Smith can help you out there with her Navy Blue blazer and her blue and yellow plaid skirt, also with her blue sexy stocking and high heels, with their red soles... our you still reading this, and not look at the photos???


Changing Room
Sophia Smith
Join Sophia Smith in her School uniform as she explore the other uniform in our wardrobe and tells use which one she like, and if you are lucky, maybe she will change into it in front of your eyes.


Maroon Uniform in the Library
Sophia Smith

Sophia Smith is here to help you look up a book, or look up her skirt in her schoolgirl uniform, drop in to our library and check out with Sophia and leave you mark in her book.


Australian Summer Dress
Sophia Smith

G'Day mate, let go down under on Sophia Smith, a trip through the bush as she is wearing an Australian Summer dress, and looking cute with those white socks and flat shoes.


Sophia Smith

Checking out something from the Library? make sure you check out Sophia Smith uniform today and wow not to mention her legs and heels, they look great in her stockings, I would mind checking in!


Green Striped Blazer
Sophia Smith

One of the smartest set with have photographed with Sophia Smith in Uniform, and for some reason when Sophia is smart, she looks her best. Her legs, her figure and her uniform, just banging!


Slutty in Sling Backs
Sophia Smith
The sign of a true slut, yes the sling backs high heels, and if you think looking at Sophi Smith in them that yow would like to throw her on her bed and part her legs, then, your not the only one! dress in her schoolgirl uniform and stockings, she is one of few girls we have allowed to sling backs on...


Turning Japanese
Sophia Smith

See something you like, maybe it is pantys! right? we today with have sent Sophia Smith to Japan for the full Joshi Kosei experience and I think she is look forward to it, have to admit, fucking her in this does seem like a good idea, who would agree with me on that?


US Navy White
Sophia Smith

Up for a little shore leave fun, with Lt. Cmdr Sophia Smith in her Navy uniform, dress in full military uniform she is looking for to taking over and giving a few orders in this uniform, and maybe if you are the lucky guy, she may invite you back to her bunk.


Black and Yellow with Ankle Socks
Sophia Smith

If the Ankle socks and Spectacles don't do it for you, then I am sure that Sophia Smith body in that schoolgirl uniform will make you hard enough to keep you horny all week long.


Yellow and Blue Bondage
Sophia Smith

In her schoolgirl uniform with her blue opaque pantyhose and Cuban heels, Sophia Smith has more than a taste for bondage in her blue and yellow posh schoolgirl uniform.


Ice Suck
Sophia Smith
Schoolgirl Sophia Smith demonstrates she is the best in her class when it come to oral exams. She knows the best technique to suck on an ice pop. Sitting at home on here bed in her school uniform she knows that you are watching her and so she wants you to watch her skills, using her mouth, tongue and...


Black, Grey and Heels
Sophia Smith

There is most definitely somewhere I want to be in this photo, Sophia Smith is one of the few girl I know that match both blonde and Brunette hair and dress in a very sexy manner, today's uniform offing from her in finished of with stockings and High Heels, which is always good to see.


Striped Blazer
Sophia Smith

Today's offering from Sophia Smith in her school uniform is a top pick. with her in High heels and stockings she will make you blood pressure rise for sure, and maybe something else dress as a schoolgirl in this uniform that has a stripped blazer.


Green Summer Dress
Sophia Smith

Getting it super hot for the summer month, Sophia Smith heats it up in her schoolgirl summer dress and with her great legs, I hope we see a long hot summer so we see more for her dressed like this.


Top Banana
Sophia Smith
Schoolgirl Sophia Smith take to laying on her bed in her full schoolgirl uniform, teasing us with munching on a banana and give us all a few suggestive looks and playfully caresses her lips around the shaft off the banana and looking sexy in her school uniform with her legs and high heels playing in...